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Prices & Packages

Pay As You Go

Privates (individual)

€70 per session

​Payable at end of each session

Duos (two people)

€50 per person  

Payable at end of each session 

Please note:

If one person cancels

or is a no show, private rates apply.

Duos are non-transferable

Good To Go

Privates (individual)

€650 for 10 sessions 

Valid for 14 weeks


€337.50 for 5 sessions

Valid for 7 weeks

​Payable in advance

Duos (two people)

€450 per person for 10 sessions

Valid for 14 weeks


€237.50 per person for 5 sessions

Valid for 7 weeks

Have A Go

For new clients

A one-off introductory pack of three sessions.

Privates: €189

Duos: €127.50 per person

Includes a posture analysis,

an introduction to the Pilates method & principles, & a targeted program for your body's needs


Valid for one month

The cost of a single session is to be payed before the first session.  Then the balance for the remaining two sessions after that session

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