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I specialise in bespoke Pilates tailored to needs of my clients.

I am a certified Stott Pilates Instructor and a member of Pilates Professionals of The Netherland.

For those interested in all my credentials, I have listed these below. 

Pilates Professionals of The Netherlands.png

My credentials


  • Stott Pilates Certified Instructor 

  • Polestar Pilates Principles & Methods

  • Intensive & Advanced Mat 

  • Intensive & Advanced Reformer

  • Intensive & Advanced Barrels

  • Intensive & Advanced Chair 

  • Intensive & Advanced Cadillac

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Pilates for Postural Issues

  • Post Natal Pilates

  • Pilates with Fascial Focus

  • MELT Method for Fascial Release

  • Flexion Free Pilates 

  • High Intensity Interval Training on the JumpCardioTramp

  • Back Care Pilates

  • Athletic Conditioning Pilates

  • Neural Flossing & Stretching

  • Reformer for Men

  • Injuries & Special Populations


Other degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts UNSW, Sydney, Australia

  • Post Graduate Diploma Marketing UTS, Sydney, Australia

  • Diploma of Fine Arts, ESTC, Sydney, Australia 

  • British Ballet Organisation Level 4, Sydney, Australia

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